Welcome to Ferns Estates

Nobody opens the doors to better homes in Bangalore than Ferns Estates & Developers®, especially if you are contemplating a retreat to the suburbs of this fascinating city.

International in its outlook, cosmopolitan in its attitude, and quality conscious in its approach, the portfolio of Ferns Estates & Developers encompasses the whole range of Commercial and Residential developments, with a focus on Gated Communities. While consciously seeking out the quiet solitude that attends the city's fringes, Ferns Estates & Developers is careful to locate all developments within handshaking distance of most amenities.

Client Testimonials

  • As you know, litigation is the last thing working professionals would like to get in to. That's one of the reasons we look for reputed builders and today you've proved us right. Am sure others in Gardenia will also agree with me.
    I would like my next buy be from your future projects...

    testimonials Krishna Kumar
    Project : Ferns Gardenia
  • I received a very good feedback from a colleague who had invested in a Ferns property some years back and got handsome appreciation. It was also mentioned that Ferns maintains plotted communities well.

    testimonials Arvindakshan
    Project : Ferns Gardenia
  • Reliability, better value in the long term, assurance of meeting time lines.

    testimonials Rajeev Bhaskaran
    Project : Ferns Gardenia
  • I have observed that Ferns Projects are well designed and lot of emphasis is put on maintaining high quality standards for miunute level details. Such an approach typically leads to a higher quality of ownership experience and captial appreciation.

    testimonials Jaikrishnan Pillai
    Project : Ferns Gardenia
  • 22 Feb I chose ferns because of the good reputation and consistent quality and services that Ferns is known for.

    testimonials Pravin Sreeprakash
    Project : Ferns Gardenia
  • They are reliable, professional and maintain time schedule.Their staff always offer prompt service. Mr.Desmond who handled our family members plots in Ferns Manor are all happy and satisfied.

    testimonials Kalyan Srinivasa
    Project : Ferns Manor
  • I am aware of their track record of earlier projects. Few of my friends have invested their earlier projects and are very happy. On their recommendations, I have chosen to invest in their new project.

    testimonials Ashok Agarwal
    Project : Ferns Manor